Individually hand-crafted Porcelain jewellery and homeware. Born in Brixton, London.

Taking inspiration from the Japanese art of Nerikomi (the traditional technique of creating patterns with coloured clay); I use Royal Porcelain Clay and different coloured mason stains to create the 'marbling effect' before finishing in the kiln. Due to the unpredictability of this technique, each hand-made piece is completely unique. 

Porcelain is a strong and durable material but it still needs lots of love. Take care when wearing and storing your jewellery; like all ceramics, if dropped on a hard surface such as concrete it will break. Use superglue to repair. All the pieces are unglazed to maintain the beautiful, natural quality of Porcelain. To clean; simply use lukewarm water and mild soap, gently scrub off any dirt with a soft brush or cloth. Towel dry.

I use all recycled and recyclable packaging materials.